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TDS Ford 9" 28 Spline Limited Slip Diff

28 SPLINE TORQUE WORM Limited Slip Differential. It works like a posi unit. It supplies power to the wheel that does not get the power off the line and lets you make turns like an open rear end car. I use this unit in my own car and it works great, I get some awsome Burnouts. I run it at the track 2 times a year and the rest of the time is just going to car shows and driving around town. So if hit the gas and your sporting a PEG LEG YOU NEED ONE OF THESE UNITS!


The Torque Worm is a torque biasing 6 pinion gear type limited slip unit. This is a preloaded unit allowing for a faster reacting unit. Unlike our competitors that only use 3 or 4 pinion gears. The use of 6 pinion gears means the stress on the gears is spread over a greater surface area, reducing the load on all internal components.

Tech Info:

Be Sure to use a Gear/Rear End Oil with an additive or add the additive when using regular Gear/Rear End Oil. If you don't use the additive your rear end will start making noises and possibly damage the unit. I used an oil made by Royal Purple that already had the additive mixed.


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